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Curcumin : Linking Leptin, Obesity, Joint Problems, and Inflammation

Curcumin : Linking Leptin, Obesity, Joint Problems, and Inflammation
Curcumin benefits  Other research has shown that curcumin directly suppresses inflammation in chondrocytes, your joint cartilage-building carpenter cells. In case your chondrocytes get inflamed then they begin working against your cartilage rather than building it, as a drunk demo crew. The higher the dose of curcumin the less damage There‘s to joint cartilage and towards the synovial fluid cells that offer joint lubrication. Indeed, curcumin is proven to decrease the joint destruction in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
 Curcumin phytosome Numerous new studies show how curcumin may help combat the leptin / obesity driven process of joint loss. Interleukin-8 is really a pro-inflammatory messenger that attracts other immune cells to some site of inflammation. Joints contain a lubricant material called hyaluronic acid that‘s produced from the collagen and matrix producing fibroblasts from the synovial tissue that lines the surfaces within joints. Excessive leptin (obesity-associated leptin resistance ) can turn on IL-8 production inside the synovial fibroblasts, via NF-kappaB activation, consequently leading straight to joint inflammation. This has now been proven to happen in both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. A cell study has shown that curcumin can completely block this leptin-induced IL-8 inflammation in joint cells.
Along with this direct support of joint health by curcumin, curcumin is directly offsetting the associated with leptin resistance within white adipose tissue along with inside the liver. New science has shown that curcumin is yet another nutrient that helps regulate the formation of fat cells within white adipose tissue, helping to lower their activity and thereby helping to lower the production of leptin by fat cells to begin with. Furthermore, excessive leptin also activates genes in your liver that promote the improper accumulation of fat within liver cells, leading to fatty liver and consequent liver malfunction (including type 2 diabetes ). Curcumin is shown to assist protect your liver from such leptin-induced problems - directly interfering using this undesirable leptin signaling.
Curcumin is really a potent nutrient that helps reduce inflammation, protect joints, and generally enhance the metabolic condition helping to offset the core problem of leptin resistance.

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